'The lyrics of Sonja Tran along with a fine Quartet led by Saxophonist Bob Brough and the vocals of Carol McCartney are the ingredients for a very enjoyable recording.' .....'Originality by all participants and a new look and sound in the jazz genre make this album worth the price of admission...'

February 19, 2005
Review by John Gilbert
California Coast Jazz

Surely saxophonist/composer Bob Brough must be one of the best jazzmen in Toronto. His second album, Like A Spring Day offers the opportunity to showcase the talents of singer Carol McCartney….. The songs written for this new album are largely uptempo tunes with optimistic titles like "I Know Love Must Be Near," "Paradise Is Good Enough For Me," and the title tune.
Sonja Tran's lyrics are sunny and uplifting as exemplified by the "A View Painted Citron and Blue." The goods are delivered by Carol McCartney who sings in a manner reminiscent of Jackie Cain (Jackie & Roy). Her delivery is enthusiastic and she seems comfortable with the jazz vocal genre scatting with ease. The best example of this is on "Today" where she has an extended scat opportunity and also trades four with the band.

Bob Brough impressed us last year on his debut CD and, likewise, as an accompanist he proves equally adept. We get to hear him solo on every track and also provide gorgeous obbligatos behind McCartney in a manner that you'd associate with Stan Getz or Scott Hamilton

The trio of Stan Fomin, piano; Artie Roth, bass and Kevin Brow, drums are all regular members of the Brough group and provide fine support.

Like A Spring Day
The Bob Brough Quartet | RH
By Michael P. Gladstone 

Toronto Downtown Jazz Society Apr/May '05 Newsletter:
Veteran Toronto saxophonist Bob Brough has teamed up with lyricist Sonja Tran and vocalist Carol McCartney to bring us "Like a Spring Day." Brough and Tran composed 9 of the 11 tracks on the record, with covers of Indian Summer and Scarborough Fair rounding out the collection. The rest of the Bob Brough Quartet are Stan Fomin on piano, Artie Roth on bass and Kevin Brow on drums. The tunes are mostly medium swing tempo with cheery lyrics, featuring McCartney's solid vocals and Brough's and Fomin's expert soloing abilities. Even the ballads are quite light and airy, making this disc like a Spring day indeed.